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Beverly Greer, CEO
Neuro Vitality Center,
formerly Stroke Recovery Center

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To friends of the Stroke Recovery Center. We are expanding our community of care. We will now include those who suffer from other neurological conditions that can be helped with the same attention and care we now provide for stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors.

You can join us as we take our next Big Steps to bring our proven services to more of our community in need. Whether you are a current patient, a future patient, family member, caregiver, donor or volunteer, we want you to be part of the expansion of our services and our welcoming in a brighter future for more of our neighbors and friends. 

New Name and Lots More Space

The new, expanded facility is called the NEURO VITALITY CENTER (NVC) to encompass our signature Stroke and TBI programs plus new neurological programs for Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

At the NEURO VITALITY CENTER (NVC), our dedicated team will provide specialty programs for these neurological conditions with the same degree of effectiveness and caring that have been our signature for Stroke and TBI survivors for over 35 years. We will utilize our expertise to bring the rich experience to patients and families of those who need help… bringing community together.

Our Commitment

Our experienced team will continue to offer a broad range of therapies you have come to expect, while adding new programs to further improve each individual patient’s quality of life.  The NEURO VITALITY CENTER (NVC) is committed to providing evidence based programs and therapies that reconnect people to a vital, engaging and positive life.   Now is the time to join with us to make this vision a reality.  Everything you love about the Stroke Recovery Center will still be found here… plus a lot more. 

Stay tuned for more developments throughout the year.

All The Best,
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